Experts told why you shouldn’t sleep with a fan on


Not the best way to cool off.

The main risk of a night’s sleep under the fan – danger of catching cold, as this device circulates around the room the cold air throughout the night. In the morning you can appear stuffy nose, sore throat, or cough, reports the with reference to Browser.

What is the danger of such a way to cool off? So, working at night, the fan creates a draft, which can easily blow through the neck or back, resulting in severe pain in the body.

Also in the air, which is distributed by the fan, many viruses and pathogenic bacteria. The virus can cause disease even in a healthy person, and, for example, when the disease of asthma such sleep can aggravate the condition.

Off the fan accumulates dust and polluted air goes straight to the lungs.

And if the person often sleeps with his mouth open, then sleep under the fan provokes a drying out of mucous membranes in the nose and mouth. As a result, the mucus secreted in increased volume, which threatens the development of dangerous diseases of sinusitis.

Given these risks, the night is recommended instead of using the fan to open the window, and in the evening, before bedtime, take a warm shower without soap or other drying means.