“Drowned” homes and destroyed roads: what is happening in the West of Ukraine (photo, video)

Most of the damage the storm caused the Carpathians

In the Western regions of Ukraine, which covered the massive flooding, rescuers continue to liquidate consequences of bad weather. What is happening in the affected areas – told in a press-service gschs.


Ivano-Frankivsk region

At the moment, in the Carpathian region remain flooded, there are 42 settlements. The water is still not pumped with 267 houses. In addition, now flooded 574 1008 basement and gardens.

The flood led to the destruction of roads. The part is already restored, but the 149 kilometres of pistes are still in a broken state. Because of the flooding in the region is now the 81 bridge.


“During the day forces of gschs pumped out water from 60 dwelling houses and outbuildings (from the beginning of operations 408) and 215 (early works of 424) wells. Cleared 0,038 km (from the beginning of operations 9,568) of roads, of 0.15 km of rivers (of work – 3,32 km). For the population delivered about 120 kg of food for the inhabitants of Halytskyi district” – told rescuers.

Chernivtsi region

Floods still eliminate the 19 villages of Bukovina. There is still impounded 163 houses and FAPs. Under water are now 217 679 cellars and personal plots.


“Destroyed 1.4 km of roads (it was 1.4), 1 bridge (was 1). Damaged 40,88 km of roads (it was 47,78), 14 bridges (was 17)”, – said in SSES.

Lviv oblast

Flood fighting in two villages in the region. Of the houses there the water is pumped out, but still remain flooded six cellars and two plots of land.


“Destroyed 0,08 km of roads (from to 0.78) 1 bridge (was 1). Damaged 0,22 km of roads (was 2,57)”, – said in SSES.

Ternopil region

In seven settlements of the region are still flooded 42 homes and 78 outbuildings. Under the water is gone, 34 basement and 209 plots.

The forces of gschs during the day is pumped out 715 cubic meters of water (from the beginning of the work – 1561) from 29 wells (from the beginning of the works – 86) and 14 residential houses and commercial buildings (early works – 30), carried out the supply of 750 l of drinking water for local residents (from the beginning of the work – 6650 l)” – said the rescuers.

Previously, we reported that Ukraine requested assistance from NATOfor liquidation of consequences of large-scale floods in the West Ukraine.

Informed flood in Western Ukraine, showed from the height of bird flight.