Doctors explained how dangerous alcohol in the heat


Even a moderate amount of heat is a bad idea.

The center for public health warns that heat increases the health risks from the consumption of alcoholic beverages, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

The who noted that each year 3 million people worldwide die from alcohol abuse, and 13.5% of all deaths among 20 – to 39-year-old alcohol-related.

Why heat increases the health risks from drinking alcohol

  • Dehydration

“In the heat we lose water, and this exacerbates alcohol — acts as a diuretic, i.e. it makes the kidneys excrete water, not hold it”, – explained in CHP.

  • Alcohol and recreation are incompatible

Due to the high temperature the person gets drunk faster, reaction is slowed down, deteriorating motor coordination, attention, the ability to adequately assess their own capabilities and the situation. Therefore, it is possible to harm not only themselves but also others.

  • It becomes even hotter

The Center noted that because of alcohol the worse the brain evaluates the internal temperature of the body, and so it seems that alcohol warms. Vessels in the skin dilate, but because hot air cooling does not occur.

  • Temporarily increases the risk of heart attack

In the heat with sweat valuable for the heart electrolytes: potassium, sodium. Hard heart to work under such conditions. The heat and expansion vessel pressure can dramatically fall down and even cause dizziness. People with a heart condition is absolutely impossible to drink in hot weather.

Best alcoholic drink on hot days is the lack of alcohol. Remember: safe dose of alcohol does not exist!
– added in CHP.