Debunked popular myths about separate nutrition


The expert said, is there a compatibility of the products

About the compatibility of the products speak and argue a lot. And experts have different opinions on this. Is there any incompatible products? You can eat proteins with carbs? And cucumbers with tomatoes? And what happens if to eat them? These questions are answered in Instagram nutritionist Albina Komissarova, reports the with reference to RBC.

The idea of “incompatible” products arose in the early 20th century. Its founder was Herbert Shelton. He decided that the basis of all diseases is the use of incompatible products and built tables, what products can be combined and what could not.But we believe in science! And despite the fact that Herbert was not a doctor, we must believe qualitative research. And research suggests that all of the products in any combination are well absorbed.

Why? You need to know how the digestion. For each macronutrient: protein, fat, carbohydrates, our digestive tract secretes its own enzymes for digestion. And there is nothing that one neutralized the other, they work well together.

As for the “alkaline” and “acidic” environment for digestion, the stomach is always acidic environment and the food it if changes, it is very long, homeostasis in the body perfectly maintained because any deviation can be fatal.

Also don’t forget that there are no pure protein or pure carbohydrate food. Well, only if it sugar and the egg. But in fact all the food is already mixed.

What if the combination of fish, yogurt or melon-milk is causing you discomfort? It is not the irreconcilability of the products, and your individual response, this is normal and you focus on your feelings.