The Ukrainians proposed fine for coping with debt


Was the bill.

In Ukraine may impose fines for communal up to 50% of the debt. Punishment will depend on how long the accumulated debt, reports the with reference to Browser.

About it it is spoken in the bill No. 3613 authored by a number of MPs from “public Servants”. It tells the expert in the sphere of housing and communal services Alexey Kovsh, may 20 Ukrainians should give only a small penalty for debt (at the time the quarantine was canceled). Its size is only 0.01% for each day (considered to be after 20-th).

For the year the penalty may be only about 3.6%. This amount, I am sure the Bucket will not frighten any of the debtors. The new bill “servant of the people” proposes to introduce an additional notion of “penalties for non-payment of housing and communal services”.

  • if the total debt reached annual cost of communal – a fine of 20%;
  • total debt in the amount of two years of payments – 30% penalty;
  • total debt in the amount of three payments – a penalty of 50%.