The diseases in which it is important to get more vitamin A

vitamin 1

This vitamin is important for immunity.

Vitamins are the vital minerals that are necessary for our body to work properly and maintain health. Each of them has its own functions, for example, vitamin a helps to strengthen the immune system, bones, teeth, protects our eyes and supports hormonal balance. What kind of diseases he was able to keep, according to the with reference to Comments.


It is known that vitamin a stimulates the activity of the beta cells in the pancreas — the organ that produces insulin. And a deficiency of this hormone is the cause of diabetes, because it leads to excess glucose in the blood.

Cognitive dysfunction

Vitamin a plays a key role in enhancing neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. What is important for our hippocampus and hypothalamus, which control memory and wakefulness. Vitamin a deficiency causes a circadian dysrhythmia, which in turn leads to cognitive dysfunction.

Violations of the circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythms are internal rhythms of our body, which are regulated by the sun. When their work is a “failure” appears oxidative stress, loss of memory, mental health and other important functions. Vitamin a helps normalize circadian rhythm.

Pushelement vitamin D

If you lack vitamin A, you can accept all forms of vitamin D that you want, but it won’t make much difference, because you need vitamin a to have a positive effect from taking vitamin D.