Putin told how often does tests for coronavirus

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In Russia from the coronavirus has died 9 073 people.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin regularly gives blood for testing for the coronavirus disease. Check the head of state in the presence of Covid-19 occurs every three days, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

He stated in an interview for the edition of the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin,” which tonight will show the channel “Russia 1”.

“Regularly, every three to four days”, — said Putin to a journalist’s question. The President also told why he attended “red zone” of the Moscow hospital in Kommunarka, where patients are treated Covid-19. He stated that he wanted “to see, to see with my own eyes how it all works”.

“It is one thing to know on the reports, and another — to come and to see. I have always, in fact, so did, where would that occur,” said the President of the Russian Federation and added that before visiting meduchrezhdeniy he consulted with experts about how not to get infected.

“Were accordingly equipped. However, this equipment did not prevent the chief doctor of the hospital to get sick. This happens, the risk I meant was that it is possible. But then Mishustin had been sick, so freedom of behavior at the highest levels I had,” said Putin.

Also, the Russian President stressed, he considers this risk to be justified, despite the fact that “everything was against”.

According to the latest data, in Russia the coronavirus has infected 634 437 people. Of them from disease, was poisoned already 399 087 patients died 9 073 people.

We will remind that in the Moscow residence of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogaryovo to protect against coronavirus has established a special tunnel. He looks a bit similar to both the scanner for Luggage and a metal detector.