In Russia due to the extreme heat again, burning forests


Fire extinguish more than 3 thousand people.

Russian Siberia, where last summer’s wildfires at its peak covered more than 3 million hectares of forest, again caught fire, reports the with reference for Today.

As reported by Russian rescuers, for the last week the number of forest fires in Siberia has increased almost five times.

As of June 28, Russia had 182 active forest fire, extinguish, and 209 forest fires in remote areas that have ceased to extinguish. Together burned more than 1,3 million hectares of forest.

The most affected Republic of Sakha, or Yakutia, where he burned more than a million hectares of forest.

Extinguish the fire nearly 3.1 thousand people and involved 476 units of ground vehicles and 43 aircraft.

In connection with the fire threat in 6 subjects of the Russian Federation introduced a state of emergency in the Kamchatka region, and partly in Yakutia, the Chukotka Autonomous district and the Irkutsk and Magadan regions.

The cause of the fire was a heat wave in Siberia. For example, in polar Verhojansk a week ago, recorded a peak in the history of the temperature history of the Arctic – 38 degrees.