Vacation on the Black sea: what price are waiting for Ukrainians in the azure


Cheap and cheerful.

This summer because of the quarantine, many Ukrainians will have a rest in the country. The village of Azure, which is located about 30 kilometers from the Iron Port, will enjoy the affordable prices for accommodation, convenient for sandy beaches, relatively equipped coastal zone and rides for children, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

In the ratio the price-quality Azure is one of the best options for summer holidays with children. The list of placements, by local standards, is quite diverse: hotels, hotels, boarding houses, bases of rest, children’s camps, and the private sector.

As usual, the most simple of leisure options are offered in the private sector. Prices start from 80-100 UAH per person per day to 250 hryvnia per “room”. This word means a room in a residential house for two, equipped with a bed, refrigerator and microwave. Double “rooms”, respectively, 480-500 hryvnia per day. Amenities on the street. Meals the hotel can arrange themselves.

A more convenient option is to stay in one of the mini-resorts, which in the azure quite a lot. The average prices for double rooms range from 400 to 650 hryvnia per day. Triple – from 550 to 750 UAH per day, depending on the “meat” and distance from the sea. In these rooms, as a rule, made repairs, furniture in good condition, includes appliances, hot water and Internet available constantly.

In the resorts there is a relaxation area, children’s Playground, Parking, dining room or cafe, barbecue area, designated Smoking area and other infrastructure. Most of the guests azure stops in such pensions.

Hotels here are relatively few. Such institutions differ from boarding houses and bases of rest higher quality accommodation and associated infrastructure: swimming pools, bars, restaurants, non Smoking rooms, daily housekeeping.

Conventionally, expensive stay in condos starts from 900 UAH per double room per night. For a triple room “Suite” (by local standards) will need to pay about 1200-1300 hryvnia per day. Rooms designated as family suites (for 4 people) may cost about 1,500 hryvnia per day.

Despite the many advantages, the azure has its disadvantages. Because of the deep Black sea water warms up slowly. Temperature for comfortable swimming (20-22 degrees) is reached by the middle of June. Usually in summer the water temperature here ranges from 23-25 degrees.

Due to cold underwater currents and storms (coastal line in the azure smooth, no barriers to the inflow of cold water) the water temperature even in the thick of the summer may fall to 16-17 degrees, which is not conducive to comfortable rest. For those who are vacationing on the southern coast of Crimea, this situation is quite familiar: there’s a cold ocean current called the “nizovka”.

In the Azure the easiest way to get through Kherson. Between city and village in the season there are bus. Depending on location, to Kherson can be reached by train or by bus.