Ukrainians will not be allowed into the EU from 1 July

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Ukraine — in the “red zone”.

The European Union decided on 1 July to allow the EU citizens of the countries in which the incidence of СОVID-19 for the last time does not exceed European figures, reports the with reference for Today.

I should add that, in addition to the level of infection, the EU will also take into account the tendency of increase or decrease of new cases, and will consider how the country cope with the epidemic.

According to diplomats, in the first edition of the list will include at least 20 countries. Ukraine is not in the list – the level of disease of citizens than the European indicators.

According to the New York Times ‘ full list, agreed on Friday, includes the following countries: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, Andorra, San Marino, Monaco and Vatican city.

China will be included in the list if it will also open their borders to EU representatives, being the mutual access of citizens is one of the criteria.

Add that to the pre-discussed two lists: on 47 and 54 countries. One of them was present and the Ukraine.

The list of third countries whose citizens will be open entry to the EU, will be updated every two weeks with the development of events.

In turn, each of the countries-EU members will be able to decide one of the citizens, non-EU, on its territory.