Ukrainians from July 1 will raise pensions: who can count on the premium

pensiya 1

The increase is expected from July 1.

In Ukraine from July 1, 74 UAH will increase the minimum and maximum 740 UAH pensions, reports the with reference to Browser.

All Ukrainians are retired should receive a pension of one to ten minimum subsistence levels. Now it’s from 1638 to 16 of 380 UAH, from 1 July, from 1712 to 17 120 UAH. That is a result of innovations will increase the minimum and maximum pensions as well as allowances for svarstad.

As told in the press service of the Cabinet, the upcoming allocation already included in the budget of the pension Fund, so there will be no delays. “The indexation of the subsistence level provided for the adopted budget of Ukraine for 2020. All amounts included in the budget, the payments will be made on time,” – say in the government.

So, for each year in excess of the regulatory period (30 years for women and 35 for men) supposed to increase in the amount of 1% of the subsistence minimum. For example, if a woman worked for 40 years instead of the required 30, it can now count on a raise 163,8 UAH, and the following re – already 171,2 UAH. Only improvement I can feel of 6.8 million people.

The Ukrainian next year waiting for a new pension reform. Those who have already retired, will be obliged to contribute to the personal account. The money or take from existing taxes and fees, or forced to pay extra.

Ukraine is in the top 15 countries with the fastest rates of population decline, according to the UN. And in the coming decades, population decline will occur at the expense of the able-bodied. In 5 years the population will be reduced by 18%, the ratio between retirees and workers will increase by almost half. If the situation does not change, over time, money for retirement may not be enough.