“Torpeda”: Tretyakov told about Zelensky reaction to the scandal involving her


The President is concerned about the ratings.

MP from the “Servants of the people” Galina Tretyakov said that President Vladimir Zelensky fear the impact on the rating of the party because of her words about the children of “low quality,” reports the Chronicle.info from slkoy on the Browser.

Broadcast “Apostrophe TV” the head of the parliamentary Committee on social policy and protection of the rights of veterans noted that they had talked about this with colleagues on fraction, the heads of the committees and in the Office of the President.

“We had a meeting regarding the formation and deliberations of the bills that will be on the agenda next week. One of the bills 2275, which affects the interests of the trade unions, who pulled that phrase from the video of the webinar, wrote a treatment and began the reproduction of this” – said Tretyakov.

The MP added: “He said I was Hyper, and of course I can affect that you can lose the local elections.”