The unbearable heat, but sometimes hail: what will be the weather on the Day of the Constitution

Cool 30-degree heat may thunderstorms, sometimes with hail

In Constitution Day, June 28, Ukraine will be very hot, but in some regions intolerable heat, cool thunderstorms, sometimes with hail. About this in his Facebook said the forecaster Natalka Didenko.


Sunday forecast from 26 to 32 degrees above zero. The effects of atmospheric front, rain and thunderstorms will be felt primarily in Western and Northern regions, as well as the Kharkiv region, some places in the Central regions.

When thunderstorms and possible squalls, heavy rains, hail“, – said Didenko.

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In southern Ukraine and in the adjacent Central regions will be Sunny.

Especially lucky for those who yesterday rushed to Ukrainian sea – just weather the bathing-zagarella, “writes forecaster. “But don’t get too attached to the sun, the better the hat, the Panama, or periodically in the water“.

In the Black sea water warmed to 22-25 degrees, and in the Azov – up to 28.

Note that you should not forget about the dangers of flooding. On the eve of the rescuers warned the Ukrainians, in which regions of a possible sharp rise in the water.