The Tesla called the poor quality

tesla 3

They received the most complaints.

The rating of automobile companies as new machinery was compiled by experts of the analytical company J. D. Power. In the list of leading Dodge, and the last place was Tesla, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

A rating of the quality of cars was based on the number of complaints per 100 vehicles. Experts interviewed nearly 1.3 thousand owners of electric vehicles in 35 U.S. States.

Tesla first came to the list. According to experts from J. D. Power, the company produces the low-quality machines. So, a hundred of the collected electric cars have 250 complaints. However, J. D. Power said that this information is unofficial as 15 US States, Tesla is not permitted to interview their clients.

However, it turned out that most owners of electric cars of the company Ilona Mask complain about the gaps between body panels, painting and creaking plastic in the cabin.

Because of these and other complaints about Tesla’s ranking at the last place — 250-M.

The top ten auto companies producing new high-quality vehicles, looks like this: