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bit trade

Bit trade is an online exchange that provides the ability to purchase, exchange and sale of digital assets Bitbon. Transactions are made between Users, and the exchange acts as the organizer of trading operations, that takes a Commission. After a simple registration, a new client is created the wallet (Assetbox) to store any number of Bitbon. Details of registration, purchase of digital assets and capabilities exchange read our review Bit trade.

The stock exchange opened for registration in 2018. After krautsalat, owners Babon had the opportunity to trade with digital assets according to market conditions.


New user registration on the exchange BitTrade consists of several stages. On the ground – enough for the user to specify the e-mail address, name and phone number of the pop-up window. To get full access to the functionality of the exchange it is necessary to complete registration: send copies of documents and complete verification. The process of verifying the identity support service exchange Bit trade is more than a few hours, though, judging by the reviews Bit trade, in practice it is faster.

Trade Babon.

First, you need to replenish the balance. This can be done with the help of a payment order, Invoice, service Advanced Cash and using payment services Visa/Mastercard. After – you can start buying Bitbon.

There are two ways to purchase Bitbon through the exchange Betrad. First – in automatic mode, using the service QuickBot. To do this, go to the tab “Buy Bitbon”, choose amount from list or manually define the number. After that, the service Advanced Cash withdraw amount and converted to Bitbin.

The second way – manually. It all starts with the replenishment of the balance, then the User needs to generate an offer to purchase at the desired price. According to the reviews Bit trade, this method is more suitable for experienced traders, because you can apply your own trading strategies and earn on the price difference for the Bitbon.


The transfer of funds from Main balance or available for Service Advanced Cash or into Your Bank account. But at the moment this is not advisable because of the start of mining consensus-building that will allow to receive additional profit without investing their own money in expensive equipment.

Insights about digital asset exchange Bit trade

System Bitron is a promising and profitable project for investment. It is devoid of all deficiencies that have ICO and also offers its users several options in order to increase their capital. In addition to receiving active income from difference in exchange rates, 27 Jun 2020 will be launched mining, where each owner Bitbon will participate in the profit distribution, the amount of which depends on the number of Bitbon on Assetbox and quantity of social ties. More information can be found on the official website Bitbin space in the section on “mining”

Reviews about the exchange Bit trade.

Many reputable resources have already published their detailed reviews Bit trade. Most reviews point to the high degree of reliability of transactions a pleasant and intuitive interface and exclusive features user Bitbon to choose among several activities.