Quarantine in Ukraine: what restrictions apply in different areas

In Ukraine is confirmed by more than 40 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, valid adaptive quarantine


A region with a high prevalence COVID-19 is one in which there is one of the following: the occupancy of beds is more than 50%; the average number of PCR and ELISA tests is less than 24 per 100 thousand population in the last 7 days; a factor detecting COVID-19 over 11%; an indicator of the growth of infections COVID-19 – more than 8 cases per 100 thousand population.

As of 26 June, Ukraine had confirmed 41 117 cases of infection with coronavirus, 18 299 recovered. Most cases – in the Lviv region — 4 836, Kiev — 4 726, Chernivtsi region — 4 528.

The health Ministry said that as of 26 June, to the weakening of quarantine restrictions is not ready in 11 regions — Lviv, Transcarpathian, Kiev, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Luhansk, Khmelnytskyi, Volyn. Therefore, in different regions of the country now has different quarantine restrictions. The website “Today” compared how different the quarantine in different regions of Ukraine.

Kyiv and Kyiv oblast


In Kiev the government has allowed to resume the work:

  • restaurants and cafes (excluding children’s rooms);
  • swimming pools (for personal training);
  • cinemas and theatres (with a limited number of visitors and maintaining the distance between them).

Also allowed to hold cultural and artistic events of up to 10 people.

June 26, Friday, Vitali Klitschko said that the outbreak of coronavirus recorded in the clothing market “Troyeshchyna”. The mayor added that if the number of patients will increase, and the number of available beds in the base hospitals decrease, the city will go back to severe restrictions, including public transport.

In the Kiev region is that the restrictions didn’t show, but you can do it in the coming days. This was during the briefing said the Chairman of Kyiv regional state administration Vasyl Volodin.

“The indicator is the incidence of 23.23%, this indicator is a cause for concern, if it won’t fall off 3 days in a row, will be forced to take unpopular but responsible decision (strengthening of quarantine restrictions)”, — said Volodin.

Winnitca region


Vinnytsia region meets all the requirements Minzrav, so toughen quarantine was not in question. Despite this, in the field of police reinforced the control over the observance of quarantine and resumed working a five-hour quarantine posts.

Volyn oblast

In Volyn region is observed exceeding the permissible rate of new cases of infection, so quarantine increased from 22 June.

Thus, in the region has banned the operation of catering establishments (restricted to summer grounds keeping distance), shopping center (except the shops), hotels, institutions, entertainment activities, fitness centers, cultural institutions.

Also prohibited regular and irregular passenger transportations in interregional communication, conduct religious activities with the participation of more than 10 people and work of preschool educational institutions.

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Dnipropetrovsk oblast does not meet the criteria of the Ministry of health on the scope of the testing, there still not doing enough tests, so for the next easing of the quarantine area is not ready.


So while the region has the limitations that you had previously installed: in public transport can transport people just for the seats, are already working Mall, cafes, restaurants, gyms. Closed leaving a children’s area in the Mall and cafes, cinemas, prohibited from conducting mass actions and require to observe a mask mode.

Donetsk oblast

In the Donetsk region also conduct enough tests, which weaken the quarantine too early. In the Donetsk region intensified the quarantine in early June: closed kindergartens, hotels, banned sports and religious events and stopped intercity bus service.

Now gradually begin to restore the transport message, for example, resumed intercity buses in Slavic.

Zhytomyrs’ka oblast

Zhytomyr region meets all the requirements of the Ministry of health and can move on to the next stage of easing of the quarantine. But in the field of quarantine intensified on 19 June. It banned the work of children’s institutions of rehabilitation and recreation, public events, banned the work of institutions of public catering, catering business and café, in addition to providing catering services only in open summer sites. Yet these restrictions were not removed.

Transcarpathian region

Transcarpathian region does not meet the three criteria of the Ministry of health: there is an overloaded hospital beds, and the dynamics of detection of new cases is too high. Quarantine in the region have increased 18 Jun. In particular, banned the holding of mass events, weddings, funerals (with the participation of more than 10 people), the gardens, pools, Spa, restaurants, cafes and other entertainment venues. In addition, banned the inter-regional regular passenger transport services.

Zaporiz’ka oblast

In the Zaporozhye region, the epidemiological situation is good and quarantine to strengthen not plan to. Yet the region has the same restrictions — people on public transport carrying only in the number of seats in public areas need to be masked, and events is prohibited.

Ivano-Frankivsk region

In Ivano-Frankivsk region on June 16 decided to close the gyms, fitness centers and cultural institutions.

Lugansk region

In the Luhansk region have not done enough tests. And on June 17 the Commission on questions TEB and emergency of the Lugansk region decided to tighten quarantine in cultural institutions and to strengthen state control over the remaining open facilities.

Lviv oblast

In the Lviv region the incidence is highest in Ukraine, and the easing of the quarantine there all the time. But in the area allowed the coffee shop, restaurants, sports clubs and gyms.

Odessa oblast

In the Odessa region since June 22, is banned from working institutions of rehabilitation and recreation for children, as well as to hold mass events involving more than one person to 5 square meters. Public transport allowed to carry passengers only on the seats, while passengers must be wearing masks.

The lessees of the beaches recommended to ensure the five-foot distance between the chairs, and the restaurants should provide the same distance between tables and place them not more than four persons.

Rivne region

The area does not meet the requirements of the Ministry of health. Quarantine it reinforced a few days ago, forbidding to operate cafes, restaurants, shopping center.

Ternopil region

From June 18 on the territory of the Ternopil region have banned:

  • to hold mass events (except of the testing and operations of critical infrastructure);
  • the celebration of solemn events, weddings in catering establishments;
  • stay in cafes and restaurants for longer than two hours.

Chernivtsi region

Indicators in Chernivtsi region remain consistently poor, and the number of cases is high. Therefore, there remains a rigid quarantine. Besides, the situation in Bukovina complicate weather conditions and raging floods.

Mykolaiv, Kirovohrad, Poltava, Sumy, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv region

Despite the fact that some of these areas are already ready to a weakening of the quarantine, some not, there is always yet have similar restrictions, previously set by Cabinet, public transport can carry only people into the seat, closed leaving a children’s area in the Mall and cafes, are prohibited from conducting mass actions and require to observe a mask mode. In some areas, also enhanced the control over the observance of quarantine rules and tightened check for business.

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