Proper nutrition: basic rules for beginners

zdorovoe pitanie

It is not necessary to wait for Monday.

Proper diet should be permanent, but you can start any day, reports the from slkoy on the Browser.

As reported in Telegram dietitian Victoria Cavil, today after eating a kilo of garlic, and tomorrow – cake, you are nothing, will not help.

How to start eating healthier:

  • To remove food that damages cells, overload protective system – the same “old friends” sweeteners and TRANS fats. Remove sausages, confectionaries, “colorful” yogurt, store-bought jelly. But the natural yoghurts, on the contrary, to include in food.
  • Daily sources of vitamins are: citrus fruits, apples, broccoli, cabbage, whole grains.
  • Protein is antibodies, is a molecule Transporter of nutrients, it is the enzymes… Many people limit portions protein food, to afford cookies “at the expense” of lunch. This is a mistake, give your body the material of which it creates the “army” to fight the virus.
  • Garlic, ginger, Basil, turmeric, cinnamon has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties. But everything has a measure. It is important to strike a balance.

No wonder food is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, its role in human life is enormous. But it is also important to observe and other measures for the prevention of viral diseases. No need to rush around the city in search of “scarce” garlic or onion.