NASA has shown ten years of life of the Sun in one video

nasa 2

During this time the Earth passed about 20 Pb of data.

In February 2010, under the auspices of the NASA geosynchronous circular orbit has been bred space Observatory SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) to study the Sun. In ten years of observation, the station made 425 million images of our star, out of which NASA has done an impressive continuous video instead of the ten years activity of the Sun, reports the with reference on 3dnews.

For observations of the Sun, its corona, the magnetic field and solar wind SDO apparatus was equipped with three instruments, leading to the observation of 12 bands. On average, one picture is taken each is 0.71 seconds. The collected video footage was captured in the ultraviolet spectrum at a wavelength of 17.1 nm with a frequency of once every 12 seconds.

Station SDO was designed to work for five years. She had crossed that line and continues to work now in its tenth year. During this time the Earth passed about 20 Pb of data. From time to time on the frame you can see how the Sun “jumps” from the center of the image are events, during which the station conducted the calibration of monitoring devices. In the video, not just pictures of 2016, when the frame appeared a UFO when a failure has occurred in the monitoring tool.

The dynamics of solar flares, remission activity which is easy to follow as you view the video (start up SDO accounted for the peak of solar activity), the footage can be seen passing over the disk of the Sun, the planets Venus and mercury. Let’s hope that the station SDO will continue its monitoring and will benefit not only the scientific community but will also provide aesthetic pleasure to ordinary observers.