Coronavirus in Ukraine: the number of infected exceeded 42 thousand

The epidemic situation in the country deteriorates

In Ukraine continues to grow the number of infected coronavirus infection. According to the monitoring system of the national security Council, for last days, on 26 June, the country found 948 new patients COVID-19.


All in all since the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine, the coronavirus was diagnosed in 42 065 people. For 1110 infected with the disease ended in death (24 people died for the last day). Another 18 infected with the 701 beat the disease (402 within the last day).

The regions the greatest increase in incidence is observed in Lviv region (+168) and in Kiev (+140), Rivne (+111) and the Transcarpathian (+93) areas. In the Luhansk region new cases no, in the 11 regions of new cases less than ten.


We will remind, earlier Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal made an alarming statement: Ukraine became serious wave COVID-19. Speaking about the outbreak of coronavirus in the last couple of weeks, he noted that subject to quarantine the spread of the disease would not exist.

In addition, Smigel does not exclude that in some regions of the country can again stop of public transport. According to him, the situation will depend on the utilization of beds in hospitals, the rate of growth of patients СОVID-19 and a number of other indicators.