Tough quarantine record revived the freelance market in Ukraine

Experts have calculated how the increased project budgets

Even in 2019, Ukraine is among the five countries with the fastest growing markets of freelancing. And at the end of rigid quarantine in the spring of 2020 the Ukrainian market of freelancing has risen to record levels. This was stated by analysts of the online platform for freelancers, reports “Economic truth”.


“The General picture of the Ukrainian market of freelancing this spring was changeable. In March and April, more indicators just “dipped”. Total budget of all projects on the platform Freelancehunt in these two months amounted to 28 million, which is comparable to post-holiday January. However, may stabilize the situation and showed strong growth, adding over a month 5 million to the budgets”, – said the experts.

They also stressed that may is not only demonstrated growth in all respects, but also made possible to fix an absolute record.

“If the average service for the week is published 3600-3800 projects, in may this figure rose to 4200-4300 orders”, – added the company.


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The growth was observed on the part of freelancers. Peak activity occurred in the first week of quarantine. So, from 16 to 22 March the service was marked by a jump in new registrations. Compared to the same period in February, the increase amounted to 43.8 per cent.

As reported, officially registered unemployed in Ukraine has increased, but the number of vacancies in the market started to grow. This is due to the weakening of the quarantine, in particular with the restoration of the restaurants and transport. However, during the rigid quarantine in Ukraine increased competition in the labour market – one vacancy claims an average of four to six people.

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