The Network has criticized the Russian about Chernobyl. Video

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The film has already been called a parody of the TV series from HBO.

After the frenzied success of the series “Chernobyl” from HBO in Russia has prepared a response. There he made the film “Chernobyl. The abyss”, which has already managed to anger after the publication of the first frame. What caused a wave of criticism from viewers, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

What is known about the Russian film “Chernobyl”

Recently in the network has presented the first trailer of Russian movie called “Chernobyl. Abyss”. The project was created by the famous actor Daniel Kozlovsky, who played in the film the main role.

In the center of the plot – the events of the Chernobyl accident in 1986. The main characters, a firefighter Alex, engineer Valery and military diver Boris, stay in town, to eliminate the consequences of the disaster. Time to develop plan of action there, so the group of young heroes down into the tank beneath the reactor where the water is heated rapidly by the hour.

The main roles in the movie “Chernobyl. The abyss” was played:

  • Danila Kozlovsky
  • Oksana Akinshina
  • Philip Avdeev
  • Ravshana Kurkova

The premiere is scheduled for October 8, 2020. And now the authors of the project showed the first eerie footage from “Chernobyl. The abyss”, which can not disturb. At the end of the trailer the character Danila Kozlovsky asks the other: “Valera, because of what this HR*novena pulled?”. “Because of the people,” he says. “What?” “What’s the difference?”

The reaction network trailer

The response of network users to this dialogue has not kept itself waiting. Russian-speaking users criticized the trailer in the comments to the video.

  • What country in the back? – Because of the people. – Because of what it is people? – What’s the difference? Now they will change the Constitution and start living!
  • The last sentence confused. “What’s the difference?”. Like the movie, which will not raise sensitive issues.
  • For what it is people? What’s the difference? The message of the Kremlin clear and understandable! Go you guys far.
  • “Who cares?” just gives the opportunity to determine where the shot is a “miracle.” Indeed, and what? And don’t forget to give an opportunity for Putin to rule for life.
  • Based on crazy ideas. From the tragedy made the show!
  • Looks like a parody of HBO’s Chernobyl.

As the Chernobyl disaster has shown in the series

In may 2019 the representatives of HBO presented a British-American TV series “Chernobyl”. The screenplay for the film was developed by the Craig Mezin, who used the real stories of eyewitnesses of the tragedy and the liquidators of the disaster.

In the center of the plot – the events after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. To find out the truth take a nuclear physicist Juliana Homyk and Valery Legasov. From their stories and investigations formed a chain of events that led to the disaster. The series consists of 5 series, which already made some noise in the world. “Chernobyl” has won international awards, among them a Golden globe.