Struck painfully: Zelensky summed up the trip in the Carpathian mountains after the flood

Zelensky visited urban village Lanchyn


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Zelensky flew over the territories affected by the disaster and got acquainted with the course of the emergency.

After the flight of Vladimir Zelensky visited an urban-type settlement Lanchyn, one of the most affected by the disaster. The President got acquainted with the work of rescue and asked the local residents about their immediate needs.


Residents Lancina told the head of state as was saved from the disaster and the losses incurred due to the floods. In particular, some flooded and partially destroyed houses, and now people are forced to live with relatives or neighbors.

According to the head of GSS, for the elimination of consequences of bad weather you will need about UAH 16 million. For priority work, such as clearing roads, cleaning of fallen trees and debris, it will take about 10 days, and to bring the village in order to be able to late summer.

We support, we have allocated money to all these places. To continue, please work so that people are not waiting due to bureaucratic schemes. The money has gone. The main thing now is to help people“, – concluded Vladimir Zelensky.

“The fact that today I had a chance to see in Ivano-Frankivsk, until the pain struck. But together we will get through it. My sincere condolences to the families of the victims. It is an irreparable loss. Everything else is overcome. Funds for liquidation of consequences of flooding are highlighted. Moreover, without unnecessary bureaucracy, they have gone to the field. Now the main thing – to work hard. First, to restore all human settlements and infrastructure. Second, to find a comprehensive solution to the problem of flooding and to prevent it in the future, ” the President said.

Earlier Vladimir Zelensky has ordered the government to solve the problem of the annual floods in the West country once and for all.