Recommendations from Google for the correct charging of phones on Android


Rules from Google.

Proper charging of smartphones continues to be one of the most popular topics even in today’s it space. For some reason, most users care about how to charge their devices, and they want to know the right sequence of actions. And the harder it is, the more it will trust. Because the answer in the spirit of “connect the smartphone to a power outlet and leave it to fully charge” may not make a man a priori, because it is too easy, and therefore, in his view, ineffective. I wonder what it thinks of Google, reports the with reference to androidinsider.

Charging — the process is very important and we should treat it responsibly.

As it turned out, the position of Google on the issue of the correct methods of charging has been mixed. On the one hand, the company recommends that you stick to the simple and obvious to all rules and recommends from time to time to make “a feint ears” — just because I have to. Moreover, in the view of Google, the combination of these techniques not only harmless, but even useful.

Do I need to calibrate the battery

Start should probably be with “correct” charge is the key to long life of the battery. That is, if you follow the simple rules, which, however, is not evident for everyone, if not to give batareika immortality, at least not to ruin it ahead of time. Here are the rules:

  • It is best to use the charging accessoriesthat came along with the smartphone. It is not only the power supply, but the charging cable, which also plays a big role. Use of third party accessories may cause the charging will go faster or slower than it should be, to not go at all or damage your device or battery.
  • It is very important to avoid overheating of the smartphone. Despite the fact that the dissipation is a natural process that accompanies exercise, it is better to watch, that at this time the unit does not get direct sunlight, and he was not lying on a heating surface. Excessive heat, especially when battery is fully charged, fatal to it and adjacent components.
  • It is better not to hold your smartphone charged to 100% too long. That is, after the battery is fully charged, unplug it from the power supply in order to avoid micro-losses of energy and not force the power supply to continually replenish them, because it leads to premature wear and provokes heat, not allowing the smartphone to cool.
  • To charge your smartphone at any time and at any level of discharge. That is, even if the battery is charged to 50% wouldn’t be terrible to put it to charge on or off from the outlet until it reaches 100%. Thus it is possible to charge the device at all on a regular basis, without fear that he will fail or will not work as well.

Everything seemed to be utterly obvious and simple. After all, this repeat all manufacturers and repair shops. However, Google has something to surprise us. Despite the fact that the search giant’s engineers recommend to remove the smartphone from the charging reaches 100%, instead of leaving it in a charged condition at the outlet, according to them, from time to time it is worth to spend something like battery calibration. It is necessary to discharge the smartphone below 10%, and then to leave the device on charging all night.

Can I charge my phone all night

As a full discharge and charge to 100% to help battery life, Google did not specify. Especially strange this Council looks at the background of the fact that the company only provides the operating system and the hardware still responsible manufacturers. But, on the other hand, you need to consider that the software component currently plays for smartphones may even greater role than the hardware which, with the help of software can tweak as needed.

Don’t want to question the position of Google, but I hold the view that to charge your smartphone need way to you first. There is a need to charge the device from 10 to 30%? Charge and nothing to think. Decided to connect to the wall socket at night? I myself do so. Do not suffer emptiness, and love to charge the iPhone to 100%? And do it. Nothing wrong with him not going to happen. In the end, almost every battery is designed for at least 500 charge cycles and almost 2 years of daily recharges. So by the time you exhaust the available limit, it’s time to change your gadget for something newer.