In Odessa the drunk driver of the BMW “ride” on the hood of a COP

bmv 1

The attacker managed to escape.

In Odessa law enforcement authorities detained the drunk driver of the BMW who first blocked the road and then ran over a police officer and “ride” it on the hood, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon on khutorskaya street. The cops drew attention to BMW, which is in violation of the rules of the road stood in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. The driver was aggressive and was obviously drunk.

“The police called a tow truck. At this point, the offender jumped into the car and tried to leave. Patrol blocked his way, but that didn’t stop brawler. He knocked down a police officer and traveled with him on the hood of more than a hundred meters. The car stopped only because of the congestion created by other vehicles,” the statement reads.

Police detained the hooligan, and the car towed away. Two patrol officers went to the hospital with injuries.

The offender made an administrative material on the article about driving while intoxicated (article 130 of the Cao). Also it will attract criminal responsibility under article about the threat or violence against a law enforcement officer (article 345 of the criminal code of Ukraine).