Closing credit cards: rules that everybody should know

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A problem faced by many.

Many do not know about what credit card is the property of the Bank. If you for some reason do not want to continue to use it, the card must be returned, and account closed. This procedure will take some time, but neglect it is not worth it. In the future it will help to avoid complaints from the Bank. In this article we will explain how to close credit card so that they were not, and what to do if they appeared, reports the with reference to

People today have multiple credit cards of different banks. And rightly so. After all, they can perfectly complement each other. One card gives a good cashback for payments in retail chains, the other at the gas station, the third map is advantageous to pay for the communal, the fourth good percentage of the remainder and it is wise to keep spare cash. But some get lost in such abundance of Bank plastic. People may forget about the existence of 1-2 maps, used rare. And it is often fraught with unnecessary costs – the Bank starts to charge you money. The reasons for this are different:

  • you keep the amount to less than the balance necessary for its free service (simply put, don’t store anything on it);
  • in a month you spend on the card is less than some minimum amount;
  • in a month you don’t make it the minimum number of transactions.

That is, until you actively use the card, it will likely be free for you. But if it is “idle”, the Bank begins to charge you money. So it stimulates customers to use plastic, as to issue “in vain” to his advantage. These conditions, of course, spelled out in the card agreement, but I read it not all.

The money is small – usually 20 to 50 hryvnia per month. But for a year or two of such “downtime” may be coming up very unpleasant amount, sometimes even with penalties. All of this also bad credit history and can complicate relations with other banks.

Conclusion: the extra card is better to return, and to shut down the account. To do this it is necessary to close and in that case, if the term of credit has ended and to renew it you do not intend to. Otherwise, the Bank can issue you a new card (according to contract). If the client did not take away, six months she will be destroyed, but the card account is still open.

How to close a credit card?

First of all, you need to know whether there are arrears. This can be done by calling the operator on the hotline or in the personal Cabinet on the website of the Bank. Do not pay the debt, close credit card will not work. If on the contrary it remained the personal funds of the holder, they must transfer them to another account, the cash in the cash register or ATM.

Once the debt is repaid, you can apply for card account closing. In some banks it will have to go to an emergency room, preferably where issued the credit card. You just need to bring your passport and the card itself. Some – for example, PrivatBank and Alfa-Bank – allow to submit the application online.

The Department Manager will be asked to write a statement about closing the account. After it will, you need to ask for a copy of the incoming number, and a statement of operations on the card account. Insist that both documents were stamped by the Bank. Not the fact that you need them, but they were.

Accept the client’s statement, the employee of Bank is obliged to destroy the card to cut. But the story does not end there. The closing process takes 45 days, during which already destroyed the map can pass the transaction. Why? It, for example, may be charged interest for the use of the limit in previous months.

A month later need to refer back to the Bank and see if there is new debt. If so, you should find out how it was formed and to repay it. After that we can help you close the card account and no debt. This is the final and important document, which it is desirable to arrange. Some banks issue it as a single document, while others prescribe two separate. They will come in handy if you happen to be wrongly charged some fee or other questions.

Registration certificate of the closure of the card account – free of charge service. Prices range 100-200 hryvnia. Banks usually prepare them a few business days. In order not to waste time on visiting a Bank branch, it is better to pre-order a certificate by calling the contact center.

For example, PrivatBank and Alfa-Bank will look at how to apply for closure of card online.

How to close a credit card of PrivatBank

You need to login Privat24, open the tab “My accounts”, select the map and right click “Manage card/account”. Below this menu need to find the option “closing the card”. To the right you will see a button “Apply”.

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Even if the card has no personal debt and the funds transferred to another account or withdrawn to go to the office anyway. You will need to write a letter, give a card to destroy, but also to take the statement of a card account and a certificate of closure.

In PrivatBank say that a certificate of closure of the account can issue immediately after the writing of the corresponding statement. 45 days will not have to wait.

How to close a credit card Alfa-Bank

Submit a request to close the card account at Alfa-Bank in a mobile application. Previously, this was a special button. Now it is not and you just need to write to the chat support users to announce their desire to close the map.

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As can be seen to close a credit card remotely in the “alpha” you can also call the contact center.

What to do if the debt service card

This question was answered by the NBU. The regulator often ask for clarification regarding situations where the client has issued the card, the maintenance of which is, say, 20 hryvnia per month. Then he forgets about it and in 2-3 years will know that the Bank along with the charges and fines had accrued to him conditionally 20 000 hryvnias of a debt.

In this case, the regulator recommends the following sequence of actions:

  • contact the Bank and indicate the lack of a credit agreement;
  • to explain that you were not provided with information about the total cost of credit, effective annual interest rate and the penalties in case of delay;
  • to indicate that the Bank’s claims of repayment of loan debt are unfounded, because he has written off the debt and interest for credit score for which you did not agree.

The Bank should reply within one month. If his position is adamant, you can apply to the NBU. Its specialized subdivision – the Department for the protection of the rights of consumers of financial services will review your complaint and, if your rights were indeed violated, contact the Bank for clarification.

In NBU argue that after such appeals conflict often resolves in favor of the client on whose behalf such arguments:

  • in accordance with the terms and Conditions of providing banking services, the Bank can write off the payment available on the cash account (instead of opening the loan);
  • in accordance with these Terms cancellation of payment card servicing shall be terminated if the card is not used within 90 days;
  • the client did not sign the loan agreement and has not consented to the credit limit, which is a requirement of Ukrainian legislation;
  • the consumer was not familiar with the documents, which indicates the real annual interest rate on the loan, its total cost, payments in case of delay, which is a requirement of Ukrainian legislation.

However, it is rather more about debit cards than credit cards. At last, the client signs the contract on granting the credit limit, which then the Bank may reasonably write off service charge. So credit cards need to be careful to close them in time.