American scientists have discovered how to destroy coronavirus in 25 seconds

ubivaet koronavirus

Ultraviolet radiation kills the virus.

A group of scientists from the National laboratory for infectious diseases Boston University have figured out how to destroy the new type of coronavirus Covid-19 for 25 seconds. According to them, this can be done using ultraviolet light, which is used as a disinfectant against viruses and bacteria for more than 40 years, reports the with reference to Country.

It is noted that to kill Covid-19 can be using technology far ultraviolet radiation. So, American researchers during the tests found that when using 5 MJ/cm2 coronavirus infection is destroyed 99% for six seconds. In turn, when the application of ultraviolet light at a dosage of 22 MJ/cm2 for 25 seconds, the virus is destroyed completely.

The researchers added that to cleanse the room of 15 square meters from the infection Covid-19 essential energy saving lamp power of 13 Watts.

According to the researchers, some lighting companies are developing applications using far-UV radiation, and one lighting manufacturer embeds a lamp in conventional fixtures. This gives you the ability to illuminate large spaces, such as rooms, subway cars, stations and other public places, killing the viruses in the air or on surfaces that fall into a stream of light.