12 ways to survive the heat without air conditioning

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The actual problem for many.

Most of us in the winter waiting for summer, but when it comes to the heat, and her heat, what we all do? Right, cussing at the weather and looking for shade. And well, if in the apartment and in the workplace have air conditioning. And if not? What to do in such cases, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Telegraph.

Cool bed

Fits in a nice warm bed in the winter, but in summer, the heat, soul and body needs coolness. To cope with the heat in the bedroom will help the conditioning, and if there isn’t a refrigerator. No, we do not suggest you to go to him, just 3-4 hours before going to bed pack your bedding in a bag and place in the fridge. Before you go to bed, lay a cool bed.


In General, mattresses with memory foam is quite comfortable and popular, but they have one big drawback, they are very good at keeping you warm. Winter is a plus, and summer is just unbearable. To help solve the problem of thin cotton mattress pad, his way, and the bed linen, you can put in the fridge.


Home wear is also very important. Natural fabrics help with moisture, but synthetic, on the contrary, makes you sweat. So in the summer it is best to sleep in spacious pyjamas of cotton, natural silk or no clothes at all. As for daytime clothes for the house, on hot days it is better to abandon tight clothes made of satin and polyester, giving preference to a spacious t-shirts and dresses made of cotton or linen.

To increase the efficiency of the fan

Fan is, of course, not air conditioning, but there are ways to increase its effectiveness. For this you need to freeze several water bottles and put them in front of the blades. Then the cold air will swell the room. To change the bottle every 4-5 hours.


To protect the facility from sun, need proper curtains. They in any case should not be synthetic, so how much heat. Best for spring-summer suitable long bright, but the thick curtains made of cotton or linen.


In the spring, before the heat, you need to add up all the carpets, clean the blankets off beds and chairs, and soft toys. To carry this we recommend a closed Cabinet, where no sunlight penetrates. If you do not, wool and synthetic things will heat up, becoming an additional source of heat in your apartment.

Wet towels

Want of ventilation become more effective in front of the window hang a wet towel. Do it better in just 1-2 hours before bedtime so the air became more humid and cool. Just don’t place a wet towel over night, excess moisture can make the room stuffy.

Ceiling fan

In our opinion, a ceiling fan is a good budget alternative to air conditioning. This device is fixed on the chandelier and in the complex with the window open creates a draft. However, not many people know that there are fans of such modes. Make sure your instrument is set to the “summer” or if there is no switch that the blades rotate counter-clockwise.


Naturally, in the absence of air conditioning, window — the only source of coolness, but leave it open for the whole day is not worth it. Want that the room was comfortable, close the window and curtains when the temperature exceeds 25 degrees and open after 20:00.

Cool bath

Can’t sleep because of the heat? Take a cool bath. Only not a shower, namely bath, otherwise buck up so that you won’t be able to sleep. The temperature should be comfortable, just below the room. Water treatments will help to cool the body and you will have approximately half an hour to fall asleep.

Light control

On hot days, you need to carefully monitor the amount of electrical appliances included. Most of them tends to heat up during operation and, therefore, to warm the environment. Before leaving the house, turn off all devices. The same applies to light, extinguish it, if you can do without it.


A sufficient amount of fluid in the body is very important for the normal regulation of body temperature. When it’s hot, we sweat, and so losing fluid reserves must be replenished. To not suffer from heat in the night before going to bed drink plenty of water. This rule is everyone has their own and is determined solely by experiment. Want to know how much water your body needs, drink for the night a glass of water and see if I can Wake up in the morning without visiting the toilet. If Yes, next time, the water portion can be increased.