NOVUS opened the 47th store

New supermarket of NOVUS appeared in Solomenskiy district of Kiev

The supermarket chain Novus continues to expand on the territory of Ukraine. Recently its doors to buyers, opened the 47th store in Solomenskiy district of Kiev, located on the street of Ivan Pul’uj, 8 A.

The choice of the range is approached closely in the tradition of the network: a wide selection of cheeses, wines, sweets, ham is a private import.

At Novus pride of place is its own production of the Wizard of Taste. It can be said, the face of the company, which in the network is very proud: “We are doing everything to ensure that our clients feel cared for. Each piece of meat, fish that you see in the window, proven quality. The freshness of the products for us is important, so we store meat correctly, according to all the standards, and select only the best Ukrainian suppliers. Products are not subjected to freezing, so the seafood, fish and meat chilled. The difference is felt on the palate, fresh and high quality products don’t even require any special cooking talent for cooking”.

“We understand people who want to save time on cooking at home, they will be useful to the semis of the Masters of Taste. And for a summer barbecue is grilled sausages-steaks, shish kebab”, – said in the network.

By the way, the range of a variety of salads, sandwiches and rolls with salmon, chicken, salami. The most popular flavours gathered in one place. At the checkout you can always buy flavored coffee and order a hot dog.

Now a very hot topic of fruit and vegetables, so vitamin charging you can look at Novus, the more that it is not necessary to weigh yourself – and this is an additional service that allows you to save time. Among the assortment of many varieties of tomatoes, a large selection of fresh herbs and seasonal fruits and berries, and exotic options for those who are bored with the rest.

Online a wide choice of products of own production of the Wizard of Taste. Grill products are manufactured using modern equipment of the French of Greeley, in the Department of ready-made dishes are works of culinary art on a completely different taste – from light salads to roasted meat from the dietary of steam cutlets to grilled fish. Also for dinner you can choose something from the drinks, which are prepared in Novus. For example, hibiscus, drink ginger or peppermint tea and sea buckthorn, is and compote, and juice. Refreshing drinks in summer will come in handy.

There are in the Novus and its own smokehouse, which produces a variety of cooked-smoked delicacies of pork, beef and poultry. The meat used is from their shops, so it is always fresh, because Novus does not use frozen meat. All cooked meats are marinated in brine with spices, and are smoked on alder sawdust. Modes carefully arranged and selected in such a way that the product was both delicious, and had attractive Golden color, which is obtained thanks to the natural smoke.

Soon will be another open supermarkets in Kiev and the region, so stay tuned in the social networks Novus.