NASA said when Crew Dragon will return American astronauts to the Earth


The crew will return to Earth with the ISS no sooner than 2 August.

NASA called estimated timing of the return to Earth of a new American manned spacecraft Crew Dragon company SpaceX, reports the with reference to Country.

According to experts, the crew will return to Earth with the ISS no sooner than 2 August.

This was announced by the Deputy program Manager of NASA’s commercial Stephen Stich in the social network.

“We assume that the next opportunity for undocking (from ISS) and return to Earth will be the most early — August 2,” he said.

Crew Dragon вернется на Землю в начале августа

Recall that in late may as part of the commercial contract with NASA was launched into orbit the first in almost nine years after completion of the programme of the American space Shuttle programme, manned spacecraft USA Crew Dragon developed by SpaceX. The spacecraft delivered to the ISS astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken.

Previously, NASA has indicated that the exact date of the return of Harley and Behnken will depend on several factors such as regular functioning of their spaceship, the performance of work on the ISS and the weather conditions in the landing of the descent capsule in the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

It is planned that the Behnken will perform at least two spacewalks on June 26 and July 1 with the current ISS commander Chris Cassidy, which in April arrived at the station on Russian spaceship “Soyuz”. The Duo will replace aging Nickel-hydrogen batteries to a new, more powerful lithium-ion on the reference farm segment of the ISS, which is attached to solar panels. The batteries were delivered to the ISS in may, the Japanese cargo vehicle HTV.