Named the healing properties of mint to the human body


Mint has a beneficial effect on the brain.

Mint is a common herb in cooking and making tea. But mint many medical applications thanks to the natural abundance of bioactive chemical substances, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

In an article published in the journal Nutrition Research, researchers report that long-the addition of peppermint extract can improve cognitive ability in young, physically active people. Mint not only helped to improve their ability to focus, but also increased their ability to store and process information.

The positive impact of mint on brain function

Previous studies have shown that adding extracts of peppermint has a positive effect on cognitive function of older people (aged 50-70 years) with memory problems. To determine whether peppermint is effective for young, scientists conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving 142 healthy and active men and women aged 18-50 years. These people received 900 mg of peppermint extract or a placebo daily for 90 days.

The authors assessed the cognitive abilities of participants through a set of cognitive tests, and sleep, mood, quality of life — questionnaires. The evaluation was carried out at days 0, 7, 30 and 90 additives.


The participants mint extract, showed improvements in sustained attention on the 30th and 90th day. Sustained attention refers to the ability to focus on activities over a long period of time. Cognitive skill allows people to successfully and efficiently perform tasks that may take a long time.

Improvements were observed in complex attention is the ability to store and manipulate information — on the 7th day of supplementation compared with men who received a placebo.