In Ukraine started the main session of EIT: students take math

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Registered more than 186 thousand people.

In Ukraine started the main session of external independent testing (EIT). The first test – math, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to the Ministry of education and science, the main session of EIT registered 379 493 participants who have chosen 1 227 154 testing.

Today students will take the math test. For its passage 186 072 registered person for which you have created 12 618 audiences in 795 points test.

To avoid congestion at the entrance to the testing point, the participants began at 9:50 and runs until 10:50. The invitation-pass specified period of time during which a member of the EIT, it is recommended to arrive at the testing site and go through the admission procedure, which provides for the passage of thermometry and identification of EIT.

To enter the testing site the participant/contestant must submit three documents: the original Certificate of external independent evaluation, passport or other document series (if any) and the number of which is specified in the Certificate; an invitation pass to participate in external independent evaluation you want to print from the information page.

In the case of presentation of a Certificate; document proving the identity; notarially certified translation into Ukrainian language of the document (for individuals who present a document issued in a foreign language), or provided copies of these documents or electronic versions of the ID-card in a mobile application Dia of the entrant, or late arrival of Exhibitor/contestant will not allow in the item set.

The participants suggest to have a 2-3 pen ink saturated black and a bottle of water without labels, personal protective equipment, which the entrant can put on your Desk and, if necessary, to use.

During the test, the applicant may not be in possession of any means of communication, devices reading, processing, preservation and reproduction of information printed and handwritten materials not covered by the test procedure.

The EIT during the passage of the math test is forbidden to use a ruler, pencil, compass, calculator, etc.

The next testing will be held 30 June — it will be testing in Ukrainian language and literature, then July 2 — in physics, July 6 — Spanish, German and French, July 7 — English, July 9 — on the history of Ukraine, July 13 — biology, July 15 — geography and 17 July in chemistry.

At the same time, in connection with an emergency situation because of the complications of flood situation in Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Lviv regions uceqa advises EIT from these regions to take the test in the extra session EIT.