In Ukraine, a new record for the coronavirus: nearly a thousand cases per day

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the infection has claimed the lives of Ukrainians 1067

In Ukraine continues to grow the number of infected coronavirus infection. Only in the last day, June 24, in the country found 994 new cases of HIV infection. The monitoring system of the national security Council.


Since the beginning of the epidemic COVID-ill 19 40 008 Ukrainians. A dangerous infection has claimed the lives of 1,067 (16 people died in recent days). And the cure has been infected 17 758 (349 in the last day).

Still a very high growth of morbidity in Lviv region (+204). Also recorded outbreak in the Odessa region (+95).

The third and fourth largest number of detected cases COVID-19 share of Kyiv and Transcarpathia (+85). At the same time in Lugansk and Kherson oblasts sick a day there.


Note that the epidemiological situation in Ukraine is deteriorating. Health Minister Maksym Stepanov said that the Agency is already working on the deployment of the hospitals in the second wave. According to him, it is necessary to provide medical assistance to all people requiring hospitalization.

We also reported that the authorities have decided firmly to take up the control over the observance of quarantine in the country: the Cabinet has developed a new plan of dealing with offenders.

However, in Ukraine protesting doctors. For details, see plot: