In Pakistan on the black market to sell the blood of people who recover from coronavirus


There are not enough medicines.

In Pakistan on the black market sold the blood of patients who recover from coronavirus. Buy blood can illegal from 950 to 3,500 pounds, from 31 thousand to 116 thousand hryvnias, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Families of patients COVID-19 we are convinced that this blood is the “miracle tool” and is able to save their loved ones.

In an interview with doctors have described the agreement between the relatives of people infected with coronavirus and families recover.

Hospitals don’t get involved, but the transaction was in front of me. Relatives or friends of patients come to those who have recovered, and asking them to become blood donors. Then they go to a private lab and get from the “donor” of the blood plasma,
– told reporters one of the doctors at the public hospital of Islamabad.

However, Pakistani doctors declare shortage of drugs in health facilities, which are vital to patients.As of June 25, in Pakistan recorded 192 970 cases of infection with coronavirus, 3 903 people died from complications, 81 307 recovered.