In another country, managed to win coronavirus

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For 29 days — not a single new case.

Thailand officially became the COVID is a free country, because for the past 29 days there has not been any confirmed local cases of infection with coronavirus infections, reports the with reference to Browser.

This is stated in the document of the Ministry of health on operational information about the dissemination of coronavirus, as well as the measures taken in different countries to fight the pandemic.

Worldometers data indicate that in the country in recent days the virus laboratory confirmed only one person.

However, it is noted that, in accordance with international standards, a state where over twice the average incubation period (i.e. within 28 days), revealed no cases of local infection COVID-19, officially COVID-free.

Only in Thailand discovered 3158 cases of coronavirus, has died from his 58 people, while 3038 completely overcame the disease.