Djokovic blamed the outbreak of the coronavirus among tennis players

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The tournament turned up with new infections.

Argentinian tennis player Guido Pella criticized the first issue of the world ranking Serb Novak Djokovic for the organization during a pandemic tennis tour Tour Adria in the Balkans, which resulted in the outbreak of coronavirus. Recall that infected not only Djokovic, but also other participants of competitions, among them the Bulgarian Dimitrov, Coric, the Croat, Serb Troicki and his pregnant wife, reports the with reference for Today.

“It is absolutely wrong to hold the tournament in a pandemic – quoted Guido Pella Tennis World USA. – He played with people’s health – Novak just crossed the line, disrespected the world of tennis and the planet. Yes, I want to play. Yeah, I have no Bank account as Djokovic. But no, I’m not going to risk your health for money. Prefer to be healthy, but not to earn than to get to spend two months in the hospital.”

We will remind, the participants of exhibition tennis tournament held at the audience without respect for social distance, after the first leg in Belgrade had a party with undressing in a nightclub. Djokovic, Zverev, Tim, Dimitrov, and other players have happily danced and cheered, completely forgetting about the coronavirus.

Although controversial tour of the Balkans started Novak Djokovic, his father Srdjan took the blame for the outbreak of the coronavirus at the ex-boyfriend of Maria Sharapova – Grigor Dimitrov. “Blame Dimitrov, after he refused to be tested in Zadar. He arrived sick, who knows where he contracted it. He has damaged Croatia, Serbia and the family of Novak,” said Srdjan Djokovic.