“You assholes”: Zelensky addressed the negligent truckers

The President told how it was possible to reveal the secret passage of overloaded trucks on roads to bypass the checkpoints

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said about how he became a member of the chat truckers to figure out how overloaded trucks destroy roads. The corresponding video address was published in the group of truckers in Viber.


I want to tell you a joke. You know, we are building thousands of roads, I think how to build it all according to the plan to catch, where to get the money. We have many roads built. But I didn’t know that there is a problem: how to keep the road. Why? Because driving different cars, different drivers, overloaded, they have their own work, they go… They don’t care what the government spends on one kilometre of road with one million dollars. They have their own work, your own life. And then we decided to overcome this problem, together with the SBU, with Nicolicea… Decided: let’s create checkpoints to avoid “overload”. Created. But still can’t understand how they are passing? Whether they are passing, whether they go round the main road, “–said the President.

But then Zelensky said that managed to figure out how truckers do it.

“And here we found our boys, a group that is called “GVK-Weight control”. There are 17 864 people. I joined the group and checked out the drivers talk to each other: “In Koblevo – we go there freely, there are only politiceskie…”, or “Uman’ do not go, everything is serious, is forbidden…”


Honestly, you cheered me, and cheered you all guys. Just want to say that you, guys, are assholes. Here we want something good to do for the country. You can not help, is not able, but you a little not bother. After all, we still all conversations will find you too will find it. And it’ll hurt, “concluded Zelensky.

As reported, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during his working visit to Khmelnytskiy region has reviewed progress of major overhaul of the road M12 Stryi – Ternopil – Kropiwnicki – Znamenka.