Ukraine set a new record for the coronavirus: 940 infected per day

The health Ministry called the situation “extremely tense and dangerous”

The epidemic coronavirus infection continues to gain momentum in Ukraine. In the last day, June 23, COVID-19 diagnosed 940 Ukrainians. It is reported by Telegram-channel of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.


Note that this is the largest number infected with the coronavirus in days from the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine.

“The epidemiological situation is extremely tense and dangerous! Due to the neglect of basic instructions and recommendations to the epidemic we have a terrible result – the number of patients has increased three times”, – added in the Ministry.

As is indicated by the data monitoring system of the NSDC, since the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine found 39 014 infected with a coronavirus. 1 051 Ukrainians disease ended in death (16 people died in recent days). Defeat the dangerous disease managed 17 409 ill (453 for the last day).


By regions the highest incidence in Lviv region (+203), Rivne (+126) and Kiev (+99). In Kherson there are no new cases.

Note that the authorities begin to talk about the beginning of the second wave of coronavirus in Ukraine. If in may, the incidence hovered around 300-500 people a day, but recently has been fixed in Ukraine, a new record for the number infected. According to officials, the Ukrainians did not obey quarantine restrictions and this caused the increased incidence.

In this regard, the government has decided firmly to take up the control over the observance of anti-epidemic rules. The Cabinet has developed a new plan of struggle against violators of the quarantine for a week want to spend 10 thousand inspections.