Ukraine fell into the “red zone” of coronavirus

krasnaya zona

Ukraine recorded more than 40 cases COVID-19 per 100 thousand population

Ukraine at the beginning of the week made the list of the countries in the “red zone”. This means that it does not meet the criteria of incidence COVID-19 for the active resumption of international flights, reports the with reference to RBC.

It is reported that the Ministry of health has updated the list of countries “green” and “red zone” as of June 22,

“Ukraine was included in the “red zone” as the prevalence of the disease COVID-19 is higher than 40 cases per day per 100 000 population”, — stated in the message.

While popular among Ukrainians countries such as Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria still remain in the “green zone”.

Note, the EU is also recommended to consider the criterion of no more than 40 active cases per 100 thousand of the population as a condition of opening the borders for citizens of third countries from 1 July.