Time ticks: how to wear children to protect them from dangerous insects


With the onset of heat there is a problem – the appearance of mites.

These insidious insects are waiting for their victims sitting on the ground or in the tall grass, therefore, going on nature, or to the Park, do not forget about the protection. And, first and foremost, think of the children. The baby had not been the victim of the bite of the tick, try to follow a few simple rules, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Comments.

The color of the clothes

Experts advise to use clothes of light shades — it you will notice the tick and be able to reset it.


If you’re going with the child into the forest, where it is not so hot in the shade, protect his hands in the sweater with long sleeves. No t-shirts!

Choose clothes with zippers and not buttons

The most dangerous place in the forest — high grass. In the process of walking the mite can easily catch on a leg of the child and bite. So mite not get to the skin in any case, clean the socks and the lower part tucked into trousers with a special solution against ticks.

Yet some important nuances

Without protection it is impossible to leave the head and neck. Clothing with a high collar will bring discomfort in the summer, but you can tie on the neck of the child at least a light scarf.