Seaside resorts in the world, who will be able to attend the Ukrainians this summer


Countries are preparing to open the border.

Ends the first month of summer and summer holidays many of our fellow citizens or not. This is because the most familiar to us European – Italian, Spanish, etc. beaches – unavailable: the country has not yet opened the border. But States that are not part of the Schengen area already announce the beginning of the flight, reports the with reference to

Albania: cheap and on the plane

The resorts of this country the Ukrainians have discovered only a few years ago. And in this year Albania had the chance to attract more tourists. The first Charter flight from Ukraine scheduled for 26 June. On arrival do not need to be tested for COVID-19 or to sit through a 14-day quarantine. Even additional medical documents to visit the country are required.

— Now there are options for travel to this country for 240 Euro per person in a three star hotel on the flight from July 1 — told us in one of travel agencies. – Price includes flights, transfers and accommodation in rooms that are more like apartments with a full kitchen, air conditioning, washing machine and boiler. Apartment located in Saranda 100 m from the beach. Four star hotel for a week with Breakfast costs from 350 euros per person.

As they say travel agents, for the money, even in the Ukrainian resort rest will not work.

Croatia: only by car

Here the boundaries for tourists dug one of the first. But as the Charter yet, to reach the coveted Adriatic sea is possible only by car. According to preliminary data, the flight program to Croatia starts from 4 July from Kiev.

There is good news: until recently, for a trip to Croatia it was necessary to obtain the permission of the Hungarian police on the transit, now this requirement was canceled. Although Hungary is still only accessible through the checkpoint Chop, it simplifies the paperwork.

In the state border service say that if you drive through Hungary in transit, then you can go around the clock. You will need the document of the permanent residence permit, residence permit, a visa for long-term employment or other documents confirming the right of residence in the country where you are going, issued by the official authority of that country. And still have to agree on checking for COVID-19 and have no signs of suspected infection. The main condition — to leave Hungary within 24 hours.

For entry into Croatia you need to fill out the online form, indicating the address at which the tourist will stay in the country. Therefore, according to travel agents, go only those who have reserved accommodation in advance – new bookings yet.

For entry into Croatia test COVID-19 is not needed, upon return to the territory of Ukraine, tourists do not need a 14-day observation.

However, a vacation budget can not be called. Prices for holidays in this country will start from 500 euros per week in 3* hotel no meals.

Turkey: good old “all-inclusive”

Country opens border from 1 July, and already sold tours to hotels in the Mediterranean according to yet quite affordable prices.

So, five star hotels by price start from 470-480 euros per person for a week all inclusive. This, of course, more expensive than in Albania, but the Turkish “all inclusive” worth the money.

For 1250 euros you can buy a tour for a week in a great green five-star hotel, which is decorated in a pirate style that children love, for two adults and a child up to 12 years — say in one of the travel agencies. This is much cheaper than the cost of the permit last year, even for early booking. Pricing is as follows: while airlines to revive flight program, the cost of holidays considerably understated. Hotels fight for the first tourists. I think that with the increasing number of charters and those wishing to relax overseas prices will rise.

Egypt: hot, but cheap

Summer in Egypt is, as they say, fun for everybody. But incomes have fallen, many countries are closed – and there is already in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh will fly, if only for the sea.

Egypt opens international flights to resorts of the country for Ukrainian tourists from 1 July 2020. The Ukrainians without a certificate on СOVID-19 without the mandatory observation on return.

As they say travel agents have been certified most of the hotels major resorts. The prices here start from $ 300 per person in a 5 stars hotel on system “all inclusive” in Hurghada. For a family of two parents and a child up to 12 years can invest in $ 800. Holidays in Sharm El-Sheikh is traditionally more expensive.

EU countries: All a blur

Of European resorts that are part of the Schengen area, while only Greece promises to open the borders for Ukrainians from 1 July. Test for coronavirus will be done selectively at the airports of Greece only people with fever and signs of SARS. Self-isolation after returning from vacation would not be necessary. However, today in Greece there are rules for mandatory testing of all arriving passengers. For those who have test will show a negative result, should be quarantined for 7 days. And if positive – you will have to spend 14 days in a controlled quarantine. It is likely that this rule will not be canceled after July 1. So book a tour to Greece at the moment, only at your own risk.

As for the other countries, each of them will independently decide whether to accept travelers from Ukraine. The main criteria for opening the border will be:

the number of new infections per 100 000 population;

the upward trend of incidence;

the total work of the country with Covid-19 with information about testing, monitoring patients, tracking contacts, containment, treatment and reporting.

Most of the surveyed travel agents do not advise planning a trip to Europe until at least July 15. And I advise you to abandon plans to visit the EU until the beginning of autumn.


Where do Ukrainians go?

— If to speak about us, the first bookings were in Egypt, — told “KP” in Ukraine” the Director of one of travel agencies Catherine Pavlynska. — Tourists go to the third and fifth of July. Now calculate a Turkey, but so far nobody booked – people fear that in the first days can be some kind of lining. The interest of tourists is still limited to countries where you don’t need any additional tests upon arrival, the observation and so on. Some people Montenegro, but when they find out that to visit this country need to be tested for the coronavirus, which is made 48 hours before arrival, then refuse or are expecting to have removed these conditions. As for Albania, it is not very common tourist destination. Europe we do not sell. First, ordinary tourists are not allowed there yet. Second, even people with permits to enter, it is difficult to get into a particular country. Germany, for example, recently missed a man who was flying to his wedding. Had to return to Ukraine. Why Europe still closed for ordinary citizens without a residence permit or work visa.