Rescuers warn that the Rod could flood eight villages, two of the market and the road

Under the threat of flooding was and is a military unit

In Chernivtsi region on June 24 the expected significant rise of water in the Prut river, which flooded large areas of farmland and villages in several districts. Might flood the highway and two markets in Chernivtsi.


This was stated by the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations.

On June 24 at the Prut river is expected to peak water level is high rainfall flood height 680 -730 cm with maximum water consumption within 2320-2690 cubic meters/sec. the water Level is at 18.00 on June 23 is equal to 417 see“, – stated in the message of website of Department.

Due to the maximum high level of rain flooding expected flooding of farmland novoselitskogo, Hertsa and Kitsman districts; flooding of villages Marshyntsi, tarasivka, Mahala, Kostychany, Prypruttya, Bojana, Green guy, Vanchykivtsi novoselytskyi area.


It is not excluded the actuation of signal devices flooding blocks alarm Outpost S. Kostychany novoselitskogo district; flooding blocks signaling of military unit S. Mamalyha, Novoselytsia district; flooding of roads and market welfare, the initial flooding of kalynivskyi market in Chernivtsi.

The government has responded to the natural calamity that attacked the West of the country: the head of state Vladimir Zelensky assured that keeps the situation under control and will do everything necessary to help people. Prime Minister Denis Smigel ordered to take urgent measures for the liquidation of consequences of bad weather.