On the border with Russia, killed hundreds of ducks: what happened

The smugglers gave the guards the treacherous traps

In the Luhansk region on the border with Russia, Ukrainian border guards intercepted an unusual smuggling of 20 boxes, which were thousands of ducks.


About this site “Today” reported in the Public border service of Ukraine.

Near the border found 20 cases in which there were about thousands of little ducks, 50 in each box.

On search of the smugglers were sent a rapid response team is, however, a company car was caught in a trap, probably set up by the attacker: the wheel came across the “hedgehog” – a specially welded metal studs.


During the inspection found boxes revealed that 400 Chicks died.

“They didn’t survive the conditions that they were created by the smugglers, and was killed,” said the guards.

Currently, the border guards find out involved in criminal activity, and the surviving ducklings handed over for safekeeping.

We will remind, earlier broke the scandal surrounding the deaths of dozens of puppies who were being transported from Kiev to Toronto without appropriate conditions.

At the border checkpoint “Yagodin” in Volyn region , the border guards intercepted a shipment of “medical” smuggling worth 620 thousand, which was hidden among sacks of potatoes.

And under the Lviv held a public event to destroy the largest in the history of Ukraine of the party of counterfeit alcohol 37 thousand bottles of vodka poured into sewage treatment plants.