Non-alcoholic wines: what you need to know about these flavorful drinks


Wine is not just a beverage that is consumed for the feeling of intoxication. Its functions are much more diverse. Delicate taste and aroma quality of the wine gives unprecedented pleasure, complements the flavors of dishes and just create an atmosphere of relaxation. A huge range of wines presented on the website Here you can find both budget and fine, vintage wine. The geography of the countries-exporters of wines is impressive. A bottle of good wine on any budget.

Wine for those who can’t have alcohol

In a separate category is to provide a wines, not containing alcohol. Non-alcoholic wine in Ukraine can also be bought in the online store of Good Wine. This drink will appeal to people, not drinking alcohol, diabetics and those suffering from hypertension.

Contrary to popular stereotypes, non-alcoholic wine cannot be compared with children’s champagne, which is essentially a regular soda. When producing soft wines used special technology to retain the flavor of the drink, its taste and beneficial minerals. Is to provide the following methods:

  • Method of reverse osmosis. The molecules of the alcohol removed by using a fine-pored membrane;
  • Thin-film evaporation. Involves mixing carbon dioxide with the juice of the grape;
  • The vacuum distillation method. Evaporation occurs at a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.

Taste and useful properties of non-alcoholic wines

As a result of vacuum distillation manages to maintain the taste, smell and characteristic properties of its alcoholic version. Dealcoholization beverage applicable to all types of wines. However, after the more pronounced taste of fruit.

Popular dealcoholization wine from the Spanish brand Natureo. Presented in Good Wine both red and white wines from this company. White muscadine wine is sweet, has a delicate fruity aroma with floral notes. Has a light taste and a subtle citrus flavor. Natureo red Garnacha Syrah – more tart, with a sweet taste and a lingering aftertaste. Fruity notes are pronounced.


In addition to taste, in non-alcoholic wines there are lots of other advantages. It contains the following nutrients: calcium, magnesium, calcium, iron, fluorine, zinc, cobalt, vitamins C, e,1, B2, B6, B12, PP. This wine is recommended to drink for people with problems of the cardiovascular system. It normalizes blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol, improves immunity and slows the aging process. This is a great choice for those watching weight, but does not want to abandon lots of fun over a glass of wine.

In terms of selection of wines to dishes, same rules apply as with alcoholic wines. White suitable for fish and poultry. Red meat wins on the background of red wines.

And for those who prefer the classics, the online store Good Wine is the best wine from around the world. Convenient search will help to choose quickly and find the perfect wine for the evening!