Named the best products for recovery of heart

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They reduce the risk of heart diseases.

To improve the work of cardiovascular system is possible due to proper diet. Include in your diet plenty of foods that produce “bad” cholesterol and promote relaxation of the blood vessels, reports the with reference to Comments.


An important role plays the method of cooking potatoes. If you want to help heart, then eat it boiled or baked, then he will be able to provide the body with an adequate amount of potassium. This mineral helps rid your body of excess fluid, reduces the pressure, thereby improving heart function.

Walnuts, almonds

Doctors recommend daily use of a handful of nuts (30 grams), as this product is rich in various vitamins, antioxidants and other substances that support the health of the entire body. But especially valuable walnuts and almonds for the heart because they help reduce the risk of heart disease by 35%. They have biologically active compounds possessing anti-inflammatory effect.

Flax seeds

In the diet they can be the best sources of lignans related to a unique kind of fiber, which is not common in food products. Lignans are fiber structure, contain bioactive polyphenols, omega-3 fatty acid. The effect of this nutrient combination helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.