Lyashko said, how do you organize the EIT in terms of the quarantine

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To comply with anti-epidemic requirements.

External independent evaluation in Ukraine this year will be subject to a number of anti-epidemic requirements, reports the with reference in Word and Deed.

This was reported by the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko at a briefing on Wednesday, June 24.

According to him, on Thursday, 25 June at each school, which will conduct testing, organize clear the routes of entry of students to the territory.

“At the entrance designed some graphics. Children who will be coming on set and in front of the entrance interviews about the condition, they measure the temperature, will be shown a clearly defined audience, which will give up the EIT, the arrows, the participants are the audience, the audience will be 15 people, and chairs so placed that the distance was not less than 1.2 meters”, — said Lyashko.

In addition, schools will be placed antiseptics for hands, in the presence of soap, running water and paper towels, and at the entrance everyone will be provided protective masks, medical workers will have protective suits.

Chief sanitary doctor urged of EIT comply with the quarantine restrictions to limit mobility and to adhere to the rules of hygiene before testing.