In the river low-quality alcohol killed four people

dnepr 2

All company could consume counterfeit alcohol.

In the river in the street Friendship in a private household found four corpse without signs of violent death – two men and two women, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“The police asked a woman who said that three days did not see his brother, who frequently abused alcohol, and began to worry. Today she came to his house, and, entering the shed, found two bodies, men and women, which she was not familiar,” the message reads.

Police at the scene found in the shed two dead man lying on the ground, completely naked. Traces of violent death and bodily harm on them. In view of the deceased was 45-55 years. In the house the cops found the corpse of a man sitting on a chair in which the Complainant learned of his 55-year-old brother. In an adjoining room was found the dead woman lying on the bed. Found the bodies in the house also had traces of violent death.

According to preliminary information, the whole company drank adulterated alcohol. So do this, forensic scientists should find out.