In Kiev has weakened quarantine: again will work

oslablenie karantina

Allowed to operate restaurants and cafes, pools, cinemas and theatres.

In Kiev, Wednesday, June 24, in the capital took a series of quarantine restrictions. This was at the briefing said the mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko, reports the with reference for Today.

So, the government allowed the city authorities issued a decree on resumption of work:

  • restaurants and cafes (excluding children’s rooms)
  • swimming pools (for personal training)
  • cinemas and theatres (with a limited number of visitors and maintaining the distance between them).

Also allowed to hold cultural and artistic events of up to 10 people.

Institutions must comply with a number of anti-epidemic requirements.

So, pubs should provide labeling for the boundary in the queues, the observance of the distance between the tables is not less than 1.5 m, a maximum of four clients at the same table. Allowed splitting the table partition that eliminates contact between clients.

Menu should be posted for non-contact familiarization at the entrance or place of order acceptance or on the tables – which can be treated with a disinfectant, or if disposable paper menu.

In catering establishments engaged in service in indoor, banned entry of visitors without the accompaniment of an employee; the organization of banquets and other events, which involved more than 10 people; the functioning of the children’s rooms, cooking in the open kitchen, if they are not separated from visitors by a partition; the operation of self-service buffets, including for self-pouring drinks by the client.

In the fast food dishes, drinks, trays and Cutlery should be issued at the request of the visitor.

Cultural mass events are allowed, but no fan zones and under condition of presence of not more than 1 person per 5 sq m indoors or in the enclosed area where the event is held.

Control cards are recommended to carry out a contactless manner, and to avoid the queues is to increase the number of points of the input control. Visitors should always be wearing masks and respirators, covering the nose and mouth. The distance between seats shall be not less than 1.5 m.

In the halls with fixed Seating is to seat the visitors should place with the free space next to, in front and behind.

Functioning of pools permitted for private use and for pupils of sports schools, Olympic training centers, students-students of specialized education institutions of the sports profile with the specific conditions of training training groups of the second year and older (subject to disease control restrictions).