IKEA accused of using illegally felled Ukrainian beech


IKEA indicates that the origin of the raw material for chair legal.

The popular Swedish furniture chain IKEA accused of using the illegal cut down of Ukrainian wood, in particular beech, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

This is related to a large-scale investigation of British NGO, Earthsight, which lasted 18 months.

In particular, the attention of investigators was attracted by Terje folding chair. Thanks to a loophole in the Ukrainian legislation, which regularly allows for forest management, the forests are cut down illegally.

The cost of the chair Terje on the Ukrainian site IKEA – 399 UAH. According to statistics, during the year, IKEA sells 1.5 million Terje chairs three chair in a minute.

IKEA indicates that the origin of the raw material for a chair is legal, but there are nuances. In the investigation Earthsight said: in the forests of the Carpathians are thriving illegally.

What is the essence of the scheme:

  • Raw materials for the production of chairs (i.e., wood) delivers lesookhotnichye economy with a Large Bychkova in Transcarpathia.
  • Check the state ecological Inspectorate showed that Velikolukskoe forest hunting illegally issued licenses for “sanitary” felling more than a hundred sites from April through June 2018. Not the smaller scale of abuse was in 2019 and in 2020.
  • The investigators write that on a significant number of sites with violations logging is OOO “VGSM”, was in the same Large Bychkiv (the company is owned by a former employee of IKEA Romanians Daniel Mihai Propisan).
  • Transport documents show that “VGSM” sell beech, oak and ash on the IKEA factory in Slovakia. A significant part of the export – part of IKEA furniture or beech lumber.
  • Further, the products are sold to the furniture company Plimob in Romania, which has certificates of the EU and cooperating with IKEA for more than 30 years, and 98% of its products are manufactured for the Swedish giant.

Стул Terje черного цвета

Chair Terje black IKEA website

In Ukraine the law is a loophole: the SFE can cut more wood. Refers to the so-called “sanitary” felling. That is, the forestry permit to cut trees in excess of, if:

  • forest affected by pests;
  • the forest was influenced element;
  • the forest dies from the effects of climate change.

“Sanitary” felling is carried out regularly. In Earthsight write that thanks to this legal loophole 40% of the wood cut down in Ukraine illegally.

Review of IKEA and companies mentioned about the situation

  • “OOO VGSM”: the wood from sanitary cuttings really used in IKEA products, but neither one activity nor “VGSM”, no Velikolukskogo LOH was not associated with illegal logging.
  • Plimob: all actions of the company and suppliers is completely legal.
  • IKEA: the wood is of illegal origin goods are wholly unacceptable.