Experts have told how not to gain weight when they quit Smoking


The need for an integrated approach.

You quit Smoking? Bravo! Now your skin will be radiant, teeth – white, and energy enough for three. But the flip side of the coin — the opportunity to get in as a “bonus” a couple extra pounds. Usually people start to gain weight after two to three months after breaking up with addiction. Moreover, more than others to weight gain predisposed those girls who was thin and began to smoke. The fact that one pack of cigarettes per day burns 200 calories, but by itself nicotine blunts hunger. Besides stimulating serotonin production, nicotine provides uneven bursts of energy, which then so nostalgic ex-smokers. All of these factors, of course, several times complicates the task. But fortunately, every problem has a solution. The main thing is to approach it comprehensively, reports the with reference to elle.

Don’t expect radical changes

To impose a strict diet on the first day of quitting cigarettes — crazy. Combining two difficult tasks will inevitably lead to defeat. If instead a strict diet you just change some of your eating habits, defeat will be easier. For a start, refrain from any semi-finished products and canned food, make it a rule to eat every day salad of fresh greens and enrich the diet of seafood: iodine is considered as a natural fat burner.

Balance the flavors

Remember that nicotine dulls the receptors and changes the instinctive need for food. In other words, smokers prefer dishes with pronounced taste, lean on spicy, fatty and sweet tooth. Unfortunately, after parting with a cigarette, these habits remain, and they should be carefully monitored. While your receptors are restored, choose good quality products which really love. And never eat on the run — enjoy the flavors of each morsel that enters your mouth.

Get ready for a “sugar deficiency”

Once the body is cleansed of nicotine, you will inevitably pull on the sweet. No need to force yourself, once a day, about five in the evening you can afford pollici good dark chocolate and at the weekend — a beautiful dessert at a coffee shop. For the remaining cases, stock up on candy without sugar, for example, Sula, and Ayurvedic sweets.

Look in the first aid kit

Smokers are desperately lacking of vitamin C, all the supplies of which your body has spent to combat the consequences of nicotine stress. So take care of restoring the vitamin balance. Smoothies with the addition of fresh orange juice in the morning, glass of rose in the afternoon and before bed, and also vitamin complexes will help to cope with deficiency of this antioxidant. By the way, vitamin C and even dulls the desire to smoke. In a pharmacy, stock up on mineral water with high magnesium content or magnesium tablets — stress relief and good sleep.

Do not sit on the place

Half an hour of brisk walking, riding on roller skates or swimming the notorious burn 200 calories, which suddenly appeared “superfluous”. Agree to deal with them is quite real. The main thing — not to postpone all sports activities on the weekend, and uniformly to train during the week and alternate the load. For those who feel nervous after parting with a cigarette is the perfect yoga and taibo: the first will teach you to relax and to look at it philosophically, and the second will allow you to get off and unnecessary aggression.

Do not lose vigilance

The risk of overweight, quit Smoking, maintained over two years. So if you made it on the strength of six months, waking up early. Fortunately, the habit to eat right and exercise regularly is formed in 21 days, and becomes part of the lifestyle for three months. Then it will be easier.