APU received from the US Javelin missiles for $27 million


Supply other military goods will take place in 2021-22 years.

Ukraine received a batch of anti-tank missile system (ATGM) Javelin and auxiliary equipment totaling more than $27 million, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

This is the first shipment in the framework of the pilot project program of the U.S. government, International military sales. The contract was signed in December 2019.

It is emphasized that even on 16 June for the Mat did the missiles FGM-148E, which are one of the latest versions ATGM Javelin.

“The project provides the supply for the Armed forces of Ukraine of the weapon system, its maintenance and related services for the training of personnel for safe and efficient operation of anti-tank systems throughout the life cycle,” the message reads.

Delivery of the remaining military goods in accordance with the agreements stipulated in 2021 or 2022.

“The implementation of the contract totaling more than $36.5 million is a significant step in the development of Ukrainian-American strategic cooperation in support of Ukraine’s defense and opens a new perspective to the implementation of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine direct foreign economic agreements in the field of weapons and military equipment with partner countries”, – said in the defense Ministry.

Note that the first time Kiev has the Javelin missile in April 2018, for a total of $47 million – 37 launchers and 210 anti-tank guided missiles to them.

In January 2020, it became known that Ukraine first directly purchased from USA Javelin in the amount of $36.5 million.

And in February it became known that the US Department of defense signed a contract with Raytheon – Lockheed Martin for the production of Javelin for a number of countries, including Ukraine in the amount of $18.4 million.